Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ichiban's dinner

Today was the birthday of my amazing boyfriend Chris,who I love and I'd like to say happy birthday to him! We had an amazing dinner at Ichiban's Japanese Steakhouse and relaxed at home for the night. I loved spending time with him, as it is far too scarce now days with me being in school and both of us working full time.
And these are the coolest little drink things, they are different flavors and you get to keep the mug! We got the Panda and Cat which are shown, but also a geisha and Buddha. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, I know I have been!


  1. Steve took me to Ichiban for my 26th birthday we had only been dating 3 months! lol We have little budda mugs somewhere?? Happy birthday to Chris and much love to you!! Can you BELIEVE my kid is gonna be 1!!!

  2. I can't! It seems like just yesterday :) lol it was a super fun night