Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last Day of Vacation

Today is my last day of vacation and while waking up early to take a midterm is just what the doctor ordered (not), the day was overall very good. I got to visit with an old friend who I haven't seen in too long a time. Chris made us a nice lunch and we got to do a lot of catching up. After that I laid down for a bit with my dogs, then watched a movie with Chris. Very lazy getting ready to go back to work, laundry, cleaning, and getting back to normal sleeping! This vacation has been fantastic and given me a whole new perspective on blogging. To leave you with, a few of my inspirations and cravings right now!
From the top down...

Burberry Prorsum Cream leather jacket
Louboutin studded black leather pumps
Finally, a fantastic display of color blocking from Live in Full Color

I really hope you are all having a fantastic week, only one more day until the weekend. Happy St. Patrick's day! How did you all celebrate?

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