Monday, March 14, 2011

Shopping Trip

So I went shopping last Sunday and ended up buying way too many shoes, but they were all too perfect and on sale so how could I pass them up? I have been far too busy the last week with midterms at school to post, but I have the next week off so I will be updating often with my adventures!

Now down to business...the shopping haul. To start, I finally found the perfect pair of brown boots which are made even more perfect by the fact that they can be worn knee high or folded down and calf high. Perfect color and enough detail to keep it interesting but still incredibly simple.
 Next are my fantastic leopard shoes which I cannot wait to wear once I find something that will work..any styling ideas are welcome!
I have found a great pair of white pumps that aren't too boring or make me look like I am having my wedding! They will be awesome paired with some color block pants which are huge for spring and summer! I absolutely love the gold studded detail, I think it adds a bit of interest to the shoes.
These are some of my all time favorite black pumps. The detail on the sides with the slits between the wrapped leather on top makes there enough sex appeal for a night out, but the color and fact that the majority of the foot is covered makes it great for work (assuming you don't work in an ultra conservative environment.)

Finally, the classic brown sling backs with a fantastic twist with a peep toe at the front and probably the most comfy heels I've found!
And this is what I spent my day off doing, after cleaning and shopping, and caring for the dogs. A white cupcake with white chocolate ganache filling and a raspberry butter cream cheese frosting. Turned out amazing!

Tomorrow should be very fun, the start of my real vacation since Monday is my normal day off. I am teaching a friend how to bake so I'm sure I will have more photos of my baking to post, and I promise I will post and outfit update tomorrow! To leave you with, a very old outfit post, in which I am wearing a hat that I made!

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  1. I love the Leopard print heels! Soo cute. That is a nice shopping haul. BTW, the hat you made is super cool. :-)