Friday, April 1, 2011

Play my music in the sun

I am so happy! I am so glad the sun is finally in my home town, it has been way too long since I got to wear a tank. Tomorrow or Sunday will call for a trip to the fabric store for spring goodies! I'll post photos of course. This was yesterday before work, and let me tell you, I was the biggest klutz! I tripped once walking into work, and once walking out of work in those shoes! I love my heels and will keep wearing them, but let me tell you I have some battle wounds. I also included a photo of me on a lazy Monday with my dogs who I love! Marley Jane is the little black on and Mojo is the brown one and they make me incredibly happy. I hope you are all having a great start to the weekend!

Jeans - American Rag/Mossimo
Tank - Audry Hepburn
Shoes - Charlotte Russe

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